| 3200 Franklin Ave., Riverside, CA 92507

About Riverside Awning Co.

Isaac & Fred Estrada are co-owners of Riverside Awning Co.
Isaac & Fred are brothers who were born and raised in Riverside. They each worked for Riverside Tent & Awning for over 25 years.
Isaac worked directly with customers as well as overseeing the factory and installation. He did all the estimating and field measuring. He works with customers to come up with solutions that will meet their needs.

Fred fabricated and installed awnings. He is a custom awning frame specialist with 30+ years of welding experience. He is one of the pioneers who brought custom welded frames to the Inland Empire.

In June of 2003, after over 25 years of experience, they bought the awning portion of Riverside Tent & Awning and started Riverside Awning Co. Their goal is customer satisfaction!
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